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” Although “Yas Dyes”, in Russian for “I am now here”, looks like a unity, the album, with its variety, bursts out of its drawers at second glance. In this way, Ekat Bork, despite the similarities to other artists, does not sound like a copy. 

The diversity in her music is intriguing and she`s creating her very own alternative electronic music.” – Best of 2017- Die Newcomer des Jahres

 ”… as if contemporary culture pop had found its true nature, sometimes it seems Trent Reznor reincarnates in Florence And The Machine, but these are all reducing definitions: Yasdyes is simply a masterpiece of the genre with an emotion inside which is sometimes difficult to handle, just wonderful. 
Ekat Bork plays with great energy and communicative power, his energy on stage can turn even a small concert hall into an unforgettable event. His performance includes and convinces.”(9/10)RUMORE


 Vinyl Edition “YASДYES” 2019

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The second album “YASДYES” 2016

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 Debut album “VERAMELLIOUS” 2014

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